We believe in learning… the easy way

TAG Accountants offer a simple way to obtain the best practice methodology from peer accountants who have been there, done it, got it wrong then got it right. Through joining the TAG Accountants community, you will save so much time and money by finding out the tried, tested and proven methods together with sources of supplies, bolt on services and knowledge bases. We constantly monitor the profession for leading edge trends and benefits for you and your clients alike and seek to test and launch these new ideas into the public marketplace of business.

We do not provide accountancy services or tax compliance services, but through the community we leverage knowledge. However, we will still stand firmly on our traditional foundation of solid technical knowledge in our field. Technically, we are the best. We love our craft. We believe in learning from our world, our peers, our teams and our customers. The ability to humbly learn from others is what will make us better at every aspect of running our firms. We do not seek to ‘tell others’ what they should do, but recognize the individuality of each separate firm, and only seek to ‘add to’ the learning of others. We are learners and will always be changing because we are always learning.

We believe in generating easier and greater profits… with less risk

TAG is about you and your fellow community members generating both easier and greater profits, employing not just the most efficient operating systems but also the most effective platforms and processes. Add to that outstanding tax training and support and you are geared up to compete with the top 100 accountancy firms around the globe without the risks or costs of trying to build everything in house from scratch. The emphasis is on building ongoing cash flow and profit improvements that roll on year after year whilst allowing you to concentrate on your core business.

We believe in sharing… through community

Owners of innovative accountancy firms are great examples of leadership and courage. The burden of running a firm is a journey in learning what works together with fully bearing the burdens of the good and/or poor results of the owners decisions. Often met with fear, firm owners should act with courage when making decisions about things they often don’t understand. Through the TAG Accountants Community we aim to support firm owners by giving them the courage to win new clients in areas of non-expertise. With the client in mind, firm owners seek to sell new services that can help bring clarity to the businesses they serve.

We believe in innovation

We believe in leading the important role of innovation within our profession. We will constantly experiment with new products, new services, new processes, new technology, new business models, new ideas and new profits. We believe the regulatory framework which protects our licenses, our firms, and our customers does not hinder us from leading an entrepreneurial enterprise. We will not shrink away from new things as we build only for the good of our customers, carrying with us the boldness to create, test and launch our new ideas into the public marketplace of business. We are innovators and we are the Creative Directors of our firms.

This mission statement is a proclamation of our beliefs.
If you are part of our community, then you are a believer.

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