TAG accountants benefit from two distinct strands of service. The first is the TAG Accounting Community. This, other than the small annual subscription fee is completely free. The TAG member firms all contribute to the promotion of best practice to facilitate more rapid growth,  obtaining maximum efficiency, effectiveness and profitability for TAG firms. Sharing one idea can safeguard many hours of chargeable time being spent on research time that other TAG  members have already carried out. This will in time be fully integrated into an intranet based board for free exchange of ideas within the members only area of the TAG Board. Regional events and the annual conference will facilitate further networking and exchange of ideas with fellow members. Relationships with key solutions providers will also be facilitated.

The second strand of TAG membership is the profit growth arm of TAG. By working with carefully selected partners we lengthen the services on offer from TAG members to their clients and prospects. These differentiation strategies are designed to create income streams, whilst leaving you free to obtain more clients and grow your Gross Recurring Fees. By focusing time and effort on developing your core business you get to do the work you  want to do with the clients you want to work with.

The profit booster offerings are detailed below: –

Tax Service

With all grades of membership, you join the TAG Accountants Tax Club. This offers you access  to the online tax library tax, free newsletters and tax alerts. In addition, tax enquiry support. We also run tax webinars that are available to members (free to Gold members,  chargeable to silver and bronze members). Finally, a free tax helpline is available to Gold  and Silver members or on a pay as you go basis for bronze members.

Any fees that we charge to clients result in a pay away to yourselves as TAG Accountants.

Capital allowance service – our partners use both tax and property experts to squeeze the maximum amount of tax refund from commercial buildings. TAG accountants receive passive income on their introductions.

R&D Tax credits – whilst TAG undertake these assignments we train and give our IP to TAG members in order that they can offer their own R&D tax credit service.

TAG Agency contracts – either protection for those vulnerable to IR35 enquiries or alternatively anyone who could be classified self-employed. The agency are at risk for the tax not the self-employed sub-contractor or the main contractor (employer). This is not a tax avoidance scheme it simply falls within agency rules for onshore intermediaries. It is very useful for construction sector businesses.

Landlord tax planning – We run webinars and undertake re-structuring for landlords given the interest relief restrictions and other changes being introduced between now and 2020. Again, we train TAG members to be able to deliver this service or you can simply benefit from a commission if we do the feasibility study and/or re-structure.

Business Development

We run TAG as a community, so we listen to all members and encourage the community members to help one another. To this end we have a best practice networking group which are backed up through regional meetings twice a year and automatic enrolment into the Planet Matters Business Club.

We are freeing up hours, increasing TAG member firm’s client number and profits through the highly successful and popular TAG Outsourcing facility.

These facilities are available to all membership grades.
We are also working on a 36-month business development program with leading business development strategist Peter Thomson.

Employee benefits

The initial employee benefit arrangements are TAG Pure Benefits that provide great value for money insurances aimed at busy business owner clients. The processes are slick and provided through our FCA regulated partners. TAG do not provide financial advice, but we can assist and facilitate you pointing your clients to very cost-effective solutions.

We also partner with a business who have a click and go customer loyalty system that can be implemented in moments by any of your clients. You earn commission from this process. An alternative use is to use the marketing and advertising service that can reward your clients with points redeemable at thousands of worldwide outlets.

There are further services coming on line soon.

The principle again is that apart from introductions you spend little or no time on assisting clients and at the same time generating on going income streams for yourself.

These services are available to all TAG members at no extra cost.

Other services

The TAG whole of market mortgage service is conducted through our FCA regulated mortgage arm CAPC. A team able to cope with challenging and complex cases for High Net Worth and Very High Net Worth individuals as well as plain vanilla mortgages, both commercial and residential.

Mergers and Acquisition Service including Company Valuations. This service provides free consultations to Gold members or chargeable to Silver and Bronze members.

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